The Reasons Most People Are Overweight

Being overweight is not always just a matter of being lazy or eating too much. Sometimes there are other issues that cause people to become obese.

The problem is that no one diet automatically recognizes the difference between how a fat person’s metabolism operates and how a thin person’s operates. In essence a thin person and a fat person could eat the same meals for a week and the thin person would not gain weight while the fat one would.

Fat people often have abnormally low metabolisms and this means they have problems burning food as fuel.  When it is not burned the excess is converted into fat.  To correct this you need to embark on a healthy diet.

Yet another factor that plays into weight gain is that people with abnormally low metabolism are always hungry. The pain of their cravings is very physical and very real.  The reason fat people crave food is because they do not feel full after eating. It is because their body is not using the nutrients in the food to nourish them.  It is not uncommon for overweight people to become immediately hungry after eating even a very large meal!

Another very real cause of being overweight is emotional overeating. This is the tendency to “eat your anger.” Evolutionary biologists describe this as the need to “bite into something” when we are angry or stressed as that is exactly what are cave man ancestors did.

Food can also take the place of approval, love or sex or even a parent’s love.  People who are overeating for these reasons are often very miserable when they go on a diet because they associate food with love and feel deprived with love once the diet requires them to restrict their calories.

The idea is to adopt a non-acidic diet so that you are free of these cravings, which can become a vicious circle. Eating a non-alkaline diet will put you back in control of these cravings. It is a very freeing experience that puts you back in control when it comes to choosing to eat what you want and when you want. You also won’t overeat because you will always feel nourished and being properly nourished is absolutely key to stopping those hunger pangs that can lead to weight gain in the first place.


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Exercise Your Way To Physical Health

Over the past years, there has been a growing focus on living longer and looking awesome. All the available medical evidences point to the fact that consistent exercise is the most uncomplicated and pleasing way of maintaining great health.

A massive percentage of the human populace spends most of their days in deskbound jobs and their nights as couch potatoes in front of their television sets. To these people, setting aside some time each day for even the minutest form of exercise may require determination of the highest level. A lot have tried but have gone lukewarm at some point.

One of the essential components of effectively focusing on exercise is to have the proper mindset. You have to keep in mind that keeping fit and looking good is not only for models, actors, and athletes. One can never be too young or too old or too heavy to sign up for a workout plan. There is no denying that constant physical activity is the key to having a healthier, more fit body. Studies also prove that exercise, consistent exercise, is the secret to living a stress-free, contented life.

Regular exercise can enhance an individual’s overall well-being. With stress-reducing exercise, chronic illnesses are prevented as well as other heart-related diseases and even premature death.

If you have not exercised for a long time, you have to remember that you need to take things slowly and carefully. Your initial goal is to be able to perform exercises at least three times a week with each exercise session lasting 30 minutes. Make sure that you do not skip more than two days in a row with your exercise program. Do not believe in the saying “no pain, no gain”. That may prove to be more harmful than beneficial. You have to remember that pain is the body’s way of saying that something is not right.

People have to keep in mind that exercise is requires a lifetime of commitment. It is not a passing phase or a fad. The moment you cease exercising, all that you have worked for will all be for naught. With exercise, patience is crucial. There are no shortcuts, you will not lose lots of poundage in just a few days of workout. The speed of weight loss varies for each individual. A regimen that works well for a friend may not have the same quick and positive effect on you. However, your efforts in exercising will surely be rewarded with good health and active mind.

Health is truly wealth and you have to do what you can to maintain it.




What Exactly is Personal Development?

Striving to make ourselves better, while thought of as new age, actually dates to ancient history. There are multiple societies that spoke of developing oneself as the only true vocation in life and that philosophy (knowing more about oneself and the universe), was the best way to live a more fulfilling life.

As we look into the history of personal development, it may have been called by other names such as, “virtues”, or “moral character”, or within the Christian era, “ethics.”

No matter where we find the roots of personal development, whether it is in ancient Greece, or more recently in the teachings of Benjamin Franklin, where he created possibly the first self-improvement course, we discussed over 13 weeks, with each week focusing on a particular characteristic of personal development.

The traits that he spoke of are as follows…

To practice self-control and exercise discipline, then to use these traits as a means of improving the individual…

Quiet yourself and listen: Become a better listener, and exercise silence…

Maintain order: Arranging our lives in an orderly fashion, and not procrastinate…

Work ethic: Putting forth your best effort daily…

Money/Time: Understand how we spend our time and money…

Work: Learn to work and play hard, striving to bring a smile to others…

Do unto Others: Always treat others, the way you yourself would like to be treated

Small Steps: to look at life with moderation, and to avoid extremes…

Cleanliness both inside and outside: To be clean in body mind and spirit…

Peace: Live life at peace, enjoying the beauty that surrounds us…

Serve others: no matter your station in life, take the time to help others in need…

Humbleness: realize that we are all equal in the face of the Almighty…

Honesty: Strive always to speak the truth both yourself and those you come in contact with.

While this is simply a brief example, of what one of America’s historic figures offered, personal development is not a destination but a path you should walk.

Personal development should become ingrained in every part of our lives, both physically, mentally, and spiritually. Life is a continual movement from birth to death, and along that path we should always strive to move ourselves forward, to become better people, and to never settle, but always strive for excellence.

We live in a fast-paced world, with deadlines to keep an bills to pay, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that we are physical as well as spiritual beings, and to truly be fulfilled we should not put one in front of the other, rather seek excellence for them both.

Personal development, which could be measured by setting and reaching goals, can be thought of as a measurement of our success in life. It does not matter whether we seek the summit Mount Everest, or simply to walk to a neighboring hill, rather it is the setting of our sight upon that goal, then walking steadily forward infielders reached.

We should seek both short-term and long-term goals, which short term goals being achievable, which offers fuel to our very essence, allowing us the strength and motivation to move forward.


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